Who are Lemon Marketing?

We are Lemon Marketing

A Tewkesbury Based Marketing Firm

Lemon Marketing is all about making your company louder – be heard by more of your potential customers and make the right impression. We do that through digital marketing and strong web design. 

Marketing Support

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Why Lemon?

You may be wondering why the name Lemon Marketing? – well the answer is as simple as it is tragic

When trying to think of a name for the company I could not think of anything –  complete and utter blank. After staring at a blank wall for a while I thought I would stare at a wall with something on it. On that wall was a Vinyl for the greatest band in the world, The Stone Roses. Their symbol was the Lemon (for really cool reasons) so there it was. It as after a band from the 80’s. 🍋

Led by Jack O'Neill

Hello! I’m Jack, a University of Gloucestershire Graduate in Marketing, Advertising and Branding  and have been Marketing for over 10 years. I started off my Marketing journey by promoting Music Events and local companies  to then getting my degree and taking my career to a new level. I was Marketing Officer at the Gloucestershire FA during my University Placement and also helping the Marketing of a local charity where I am now a Trustee. I was a Senior Account manager for a specialised B2B Marketing Agency leading many campaigns and helping businesses grow and reach new client bases. At the same time I worked in the B2C sphere with consumer businesses and Lakefest Music Festival. 

Experience across a huge number of industries, I can fit in to your business and help give you the tools to grow your business without breaking the bank.

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