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It's Time To Take Your Marketing To The Next Level

We know Marketing is a minefield and can be a very costly one at that. However that doesn’t have to be the case, Lemon learn about you and your business and provide realistic solutions within your budget to improve your marketing and lead generation.


How Lemon can help you grow

Marketing Audit with Recommendations

To begin with we define your marketing goals and audience, i.e. what are you trying to do and who is that with. Secondly, a complete review of current activities and how close you are to meeting those aforementioned goals. Thirdly, clear and achievable recommendations to meet targets and grow your business. In conclusion we find out what you want to achieve, have a what you are currently doing and finally how to take it to the next level and achieve aims.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Whether that is Social Media Content, Website, SEO, Newsletter, Building Lead Lists, Managing Databases or Liaising with Influencers or all of the above - Lemon are the people for you

Website Design and Maintenance

From initial build, copywriting, hosting and all things functionality - Lemon should be your first contact for website concerns or plans

Led by Jack O'Neill

Hello! I’m Jack, a University of Gloucestershire Graduate in Marketing, Advertising and Branding  and have been Marketing for over 10 years. I started off my Marketing journey by promoting Music Events and local companies  to then getting my degree and taking my career to a new level. I was Marketing Officer at the Gloucestershire FA during my University Placement and also helping the Marketing of a local charity where I am now a Trustee. I was a Senior Account manager for a specialised B2B Marketing Agency leading many campaigns and helping businesses grow and reach new client bases. At the same time I worked in the B2C sphere with consumer businesses and Lakefest Music Festival. 

Experience across a huge number of industries, I can fit in to your business and help give you the tools to grow your business without breaking the bank.

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